OOO TYULGANNEFTEGAZ REFINERY acknowledges that the social responsibilty of the company is to protect human health and the environment from the risks arising from the production and manufacuturing of petroleum and petrochemical products also the usage of these products. This initiative intends to achieve these goal by requiring business to fully ascertain and make public the risks posed by the use of petroleum and petrochemicals. Under the regulations, OOO TYULGANNEFTEGAZ REFINERY has ensured all appropriate products are pre-registered. Close relations will be maintained with the supply chain, to ensure that the implementation of the initiative will follow the regulation’s requirements. OOO TYULGANNEFTEGAZ REFINERY is not about conformity. We are about personalization, true customization. we know that it’s our people who make the difference. It’s our people who enable us to design top of the art technologies for our facilities, to develop lubticants for all types of machinery, in the marketing of our products and the supply chain distribution of the outstanding products that our customers desire. It’s our people who create a culture of innovation that champions creative and critical thinking. And it’s our people who allow us to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations of our products and our company.


In everything we do, we strive to be the best. OOO TYULGANNEFTEGAZ REFINERY seeks to attract, develop and retain top talent across our organization. We are committed to investing in our employees development in a way that enhances their value for themselves and our organization. At OOO TYULGANNEFTEGAZ REFINERY whether an employee works at our corporate headquarters, our refining facility, or one of our global offices, we are committed to creating the best environment possible for employee success.


OOO TYULGANNEFTEGAZ REFINERY comprehensive safety program is dedicated to standard safety principles and management practices. One of our program is the active participation and leadership of our employees in health and safety committees and in decision-making processes that positively impact their work environments. Our corporate safety policy makes clear that no job is so important, nor any order so urgent that we cannot take time to complete our work in a safe manner.


Our global Social Compliance Program operationalizes our commitment to responsible sourcing through education, risk assessment, strong partnerships with our suppliers, industry collaboration, promoting best practices, and stakeholder engagement. OOO TYULGANNEFTEGAZ REFINERY Workplace Code of Conduct is based on internationally recognized labor and human rights standards, including international principles aimed at preventing trafficking and all forms of forced labor. We select partners that share our commitment to ethical practices, labor standards, and environmental responsibility.

OOO TYULGANNEFTEGAZ REFINERY has been an active member of the Fair Labor Association as a Participating Company, and has held leadership positions on the Board of Directors and in FLA committees. Our Compliance Program represents the highest level of commitment to the standards for workplace code of conduct implementation, monitoring and remediation.

Our Statistics



We have an extensive knowledge in the production, ditribution, customs duty laws in the global trade.


Our officials possess years of experience, mainly selected during thier youths and trained by the company.


We offer more than a century worth of scientific research in the petroleum products we produce.


We constantly implement all research into the development of our plants and oil fields hence staying ahead.


The implementation of value added services assists our company to more effectively perform its tasks on time.


In an ever growing global economy our customers services officials provide top proffesional performances.