OOO TYULGANNEFTEGAZ REFINERY conducts our crude oil refining operations through our refining department. With our ofil filedls located along the strategic oil and gas rich region of the russian federation. These location gives our company a direct access to three common carrier of crude oil pipelines and a port facility for receiving crude oil supplies. The facility operating with a natural gas-fired steam generator on-site that provides electricity and steam. The refinery produces transportation fuels that are distributed across the country. The refinery also produces military jet fuel that is used in the defense efforts. Ranging from renewable fuels, lubricants, fuel oil MAZUT, Diesel gasoil D2, Virgin Fuel D6, Aviation kerosene, Marine fuel e.t.c. OOO TYULGANNEFTEGAZ REFINERY continuous dedication to customer service and product quality assurance has truly set us apart as a leader in advanced tech solutions in refining, logistics and quality.


OOO TYULGANNEFTEGAZ REFINERY has several holdings in the gas processing side of the oil and gas industry. Currently, the company is an owner and the operator of two gas processing facilities. We also own 18 ultra deep, high pressure gas wells, related gathering lines and equipment, along with a processing plant. The high sulfur content gas and the well depths and temperatures makes it unique and unlike many gas fields in the world. The Pursue wells produce from with bottom hole temperatures exceeding 400 degrees Fahrenheit by utilizing a downhole corrosion inhibitor circulation system. The end result of the produced gas processed at the Energy plant is methane and elemental sulfur. These products are then sold to available markets. All of this is made possible through state of the art equipment and techniques used in our gas production and processing facilities.


Our products are delivered to our partners throgh out the Russian Federation and the international market from Rotterdam in Netherland to Houston in the USA, Sweden, Spain Easter Asia, China Korea and globally. With various distribution centers OOO TYULGANNEFTEGAZ REFINERY has eliminated lead time and is ready to introduce all our products and technology to our noumerous new partners while adhering to our customer’s timelines and production schedules. As a full service Energy Company, OOO TYULGANNEFTEGAZ REFINERY offers to its customers tailored energy audit and performance evaluations along with savings plans including finance option solutions against high energy costs. OOO TYULGANNEFTEGAZ REFINERY fuel and energy production and manufacturing has afforded the opportunity to provide complete service design with patented technologies in advanced turbine steam generators, OOO TYULGANNEFTEGAZ REFINERY has implemented its expertise in conjunction with advanced combustion energy to lead the charge in future generations.


OOO TYULGANNEFTEGAZ REFINERY is an owner and the operator of 12 Gas Processing Plants, the Gas Plant processes and treats associated gas produced from the plant. OOO TYULGANNEFTEGAZ REFINERY operated oil field and in addition to treating gas produced from the plant, the plant also treats and processes products from third parties who operate oil and gas wells in surrounding areas. The plant can process up to 32 million cubic feet of both sweet and sour gas per day. The state of the art equipment at the plant creates such end products for sale as butane, ethane, propane, natural gasoline, elemental sulfur and methane gas.

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We have an extensive knowledge in the production, ditribution, customs duty laws in the global trade.


Our officials possess years of experience, mainly selected during thier youths and trained by the company.


We offer more than a century worth of scientific research in the petroleum products we produce.


We constantly implement all research into the development of our plants and oil fields hence staying ahead.


The implementation of value added services assists our company to more effectively perform its tasks on time.


In an ever growing global economy our customers services officials provide top proffesional performances.