OOO TYULGANNEFTEGAZ REFINERY, has a long history in the energy industry and has been involved in the industry as an oil and gas operator, as well as a provider of drilling services for others. The company and its employees have vast experience and knowledge of drilling and developing oil and gas wells all over the world. The company has been involved in the drilling of tens of thousands of oil and gas wells during its existence. These wells have included shallow oil and gas wells and deep onshore and offshore oil and gas wells, involving technologically and environmentally challenging conditions of all sorts. OOO TYULGANNEFTEGAZ REFINERY history of drilling has included deviated and horizontal wells and every kind of completion techniques imaginable. OOO TYULGANNEFTEGAZ REFINERY takes pride in being able to accomplish projects around the world, regardless of how challenging the conditions may be. OOO TYULGANNEFTEGAZ REFINERY is known as a type of oil and gas exploration that is a high-risk and challenging venture in areas that have not yet been commercially proven.


OOO TYULGANNEFTEGAZ REFINERY, is dedicated to providing the energy to keep the economy going strong in an environmentally responsible manner. This includes a continuing effort to improve the compatibility of our operations with the environment while economically developing energy resources. OOO TYULGANNEFTEGAZ REFINERY recognizes the importance of efficiently meeting society’s needs and our responsibility to work with the fellow citizens, the government, and others to develop and use natural resources in an environmentally sound manner and to protect the health and safety of our employees and the public. OOO TYULGANNEFTEGAZ REFINERY is also active in local communities and supports community events. Employees of the company are often found among community leaders and/or are active leaders in community activities. In addition, the company has taken an active role in many charitable events worldwide. To meet its responsibilities, the company pledges to manage our operations in a manner that complies with all environmental regulations both domestically and internationally.


Our products are delivered to our partners throgh out the Russian Federation and the international market from Rotterdam in Netherland to Houston in the USA, Sweden, Spain Easter Asia, China Korea and globally. With various distribution centers OOO TYULGANNEFTEGAZ REFINERY has eliminated lead time and is ready to introduce all our products and technology to our noumerous new partners while adhering to our customer’s timelines and production schedules. As a full service Energy Company, OOO TYULGANNEFTEGAZ REFINERY offers to its customers tailored energy audit and performance evaluations along with savings plans including finance option solutions against high energy costs. OOO TYULGANNEFTEGAZ REFINERY fuel and energy production and manufacturing has afforded the opportunity to provide complete service design with patented technologies in advanced turbine steam generators, OOO TYULGANNEFTEGAZ REFINERY has implemented its expertise in conjunction with advanced combustion energy to lead the charge in future generations.


OOO TYULGANNEFTEGAZ REFINERY commitment to cost savings utilizing environmentally responsible solutions have set the goal to employ waste stream resources to maximize economic impact to every region we serve. Introducing highly advanced energy saving technologies through cost effective multi-faceted energy solutions, OOO TYULGANNEFTEGAZ REFINERY will continue to lead the charge eliminating non-green and environmentally irresponsible applications. OOO TYULGANNEFTEGAZ REFINERY pledges to fulfill its obligation to continually excel in service and strive for product excellence serving all enterprises both public and private while ensuring the most advanced cross industry green energy solutions for decades to come.

Our Statistics



We have an extensive knowledge in the production, ditribution, customs duty laws in the global trade.


Our officials possess years of experience, mainly selected during thier youths and trained by the company.


We offer more than a century worth of scientific research in the petroleum products we produce.


We constantly implement all research into the development of our plants and oil fields hence staying ahead.


The implementation of value added services assists our company to more effectively perform its tasks on time.


In an ever growing global economy our customers services officials provide top proffesional performances.