OOO TYULGANNEFTEGAZ REFINERY is recognized in the industry for its ability to design and create technological applications that economically promote energy project development, including 3D Seismic, Horizontal Drilling, Ultra Deep Drilling, Infill-Extension Drilling, Enhanced Recovery, Formation Treatments, Completion Techniques, and much more. We are dedicated to the practice of seeking out and utilizing the latest technology available in the industry. In many cases, our applications have resulted in new and innovative technological developments in the oil and gas industry. An example is the drilling and completion of the world’s first medium radius double horizontal well drilled. This technique was eventually adopted by the industry and became a new standard industry technology for drilling horizontal wells in many areas. OOO TYULGANNEFTEGAZ REFINERY drilled the first medium radius double horizontal well with each horizontal having dual laterals.


OOO TYULGANNEFTEGAZ REFINERY is also very active in the utilization of three-dimensional seismic, having done a substantial number of projects across country. OOO TYULGANNEFTEGAZ REFINERY has an innovative patent pending shale fracture procedure that maximizes completion and production in shale plays; and we have successfully cooperated with service companies in creating and designing new downhole completion treatments that have resulted in commercial production from previously noncommercial formations.

OOO TYULGANNEFTEGAZ REFINERY remains in the forefront of the upstream oil and gas industry, with particular emphasis on the industry’s new frontiers and innovative use of new and improving technology to economically develop reserves in known producing areas. We have been extremely successful in continuing to develop oil and gas production in the United States when many producing regions are mature and densely drilled, and previously discovered larger fields have already been developed.

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We have an extensive knowledge in the production, ditribution, customs duty laws in the global trade.


Our officials possess years of experience, mainly selected during thier youths and trained by the company.


We offer more than a century worth of scientific research in the petroleum products we produce.


We constantly implement all research into the development of our plants and oil fields hence staying ahead.


The implementation of value added services assists our company to more effectively perform its tasks on time.


In an ever growing global economy our customers services officials provide top proffesional performances.